2018 Resolutions


// 2018 resolutions


For 6 years now, I have dreamed of creating lifestyle content through both written and video form. Sure - I've dabbled a bit in podcasting, live streaming, photography and I was even a host/broadcast journalist at one point in my life. However, none of this was lifestyle content. All of it was gaming/esports. Then I was given the opportunity to start creating content in college. During that time I felt I had to choose between my two passions (lifestyle content or gaming/esports). I decided to go the gaming/esports route. That is actually what launched me into my current career. I am so grateful for that. However, I always wondered what it would have been like if I decided to go down the lifestyle content creation route. I stopped creating content when I accepted a job at Twitch and moved to Northern California. I became so focused on achieving my goals at my new job, that I forgot just how much I loved creating. Heck, I even stopped posting to Instagram and Twitter for months. In 2018, I'd like to finally be proactive when it comes to creating the lifestyle content I have dreamed about. 


I will be the first to admit that I don't often take the time to reach out to family, friends and even strangers. I'm guilty of focusing so much on myself, that I don't think to reach out to those that I care about. Not only that, I've also been lacking in putting myself out there when it comes to meeting new people. By reaching out and putting myself out there more I hope to foster existing relationships and create new ones. 


Each year this seems to be a resolution of mine. I have definitely had my fair share of traveling over the years. 2017 was no different here. I'd like to continue and possibly even increase this trend in 2018. Andrew and I have talked about visiting places like Oregon, Santa Cruz, Arizona, Lake Tahoe, Seattle and more! Some of which we have already visited before, but most we have yet to see. I'm looking forward to bringing you guys along with us on those trips as well! You better believe I'll be either blogging and/or vlogging our experiences.


If you have read my "Sisters Who Sip" blog post, you'll know that I don't get out much. In that blog post I talk about how I'd like to do more exploring of what the Bay Area has to offer. I mean, I've lived here for almost two years now and I still don't know much about even the immediately area around where I live. Andrew knows the Bay Area like the back of his hand. I am hoping he will show me the best spots, but I'd also like to discover a few of my own.


I rarely take the time to stretch and foam roll. I get too impatient at the gym. I want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Since my workouts mainly consist of weight training, without stretching and foam rolling, I started losing my flexibility. Soon this lack of mobility started to hinder my progress. I now can't get the full range of motion that I need to increase weight and repetitions. Therefore, preventing me from taking my body to the next level. By taking the time to stretch and foam roll after my workouts, I hope to increase my range of motion and reduce my chances of injury. 


I've never been one to take care of my skin. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have pretty clear skin. Of course, I would still get a break out or two. I still do today. The difference now is that I want to both prevent breakouts and take care of my skin when they occurs. Now that I'll be 25 years young in April, I'd also like to take steps to prevent signs of aging. I've always just picked up any product that seems like it works at the drug store. In 2018, I'd like to do more research on skin care products and test out what works on my skin. I'd love to hear what skin care recommendations you have! As you can see, I am a complete noob in this area.

Not only am I am looking forward to fulfilling all of these resolutions, but I'm looking forward to sharing it all with you. I have a good feeling about this one!