5 Ways Essential Oils Benefit Me



Essential oils have been an integral part of both mine and my boyfriend, Andrew's, lives for about two years now. His family introduced it to us after they found success with it. Since then, we have been obsessed. We have found that essential oils have MANY benefits. However, I wanted to share just 5 ways that essential oils have benefited me. I also threw in a few of my favorite oils that do the trick!



This is a big one. I have found that using essential oils have reduced stress, anxiety, and improved my sleep. By simply using lavender essential oil (or oils with hints of lavender) you'll be relaxed in no time!

Favorites: Saje's Unwind, Saje's Stress Release and Now's Peaceful Sleep.


2. Energy.

I've recently decided to drink less caffeine. Yep, that means reduce my coffee intake. Crazy, right? I've found that I need all the help I can get in this area. I'm still testing this out but so far essential oils have been getting me through my non caffeinated days. Peppermint, lemon and orange oils have worked great for this!

Favorites: Saje's Peppermint Halo, Saje's Energy and Now's Orange.


3. Pain Relief.

Did you know that you can apply certain essential oils to the skin for added benefits? Whenever I have headaches or stomach aches, I grab my essential oils for instant relief. Peppermint, lavender and rosemary are good for this.

Note: Make sure you are buying essential oils that are meant to be applied to the skin. 

Favorites: For headaches, I grab Saje's Peppermint Halo roll on. For stomach pain, I like to use Saje's Gutzy roll on. 


4. Focus. 

This is something I wish I could use more often. Andrew is actually the one to take advantage of this the most. Due to the fact that he works from home, he gets to sit inside all day with our defuser right next to him. I'm a bit jealous, but at least I get to take advantage of it when I am writing my blog posts! Hints of lemon, orange and myrtle are good for focusing.

Favorites: Saje's Brainstorm and Now's Mental Focus.


5. Eliminate odor.

Nobody likes a stinky home. Andrew and I like to freshen ours up with essential oils! We currently have a defuser in our main kitchen/living room (we live in a small one bedroom apartment). We pretty much have our defuser running 24/7. Whenever we have guests over, they always complement us on the great smell of our apartment. We love eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, orange and grapefruit for this but you can really use any sent you'd like. For the holiday's, we even had Saje's Holiday set, Good Cheer, running to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Favorites: Saje's Liquid Sunshine, Saje's Refresh, Now's Lemon and Now's Eucalyptus.


Those were just 5 ways essential oils benefit me! Let me know if you would like for me to share with you other ways Andrew and I use essential oils.