Saint Frank Coffee | Sister's Who Sip



It's crazy to think 2017 is almost over. This year has flown by. Every time I think of a new year rolling around, I think about how long I have lived in Northern California. February will be two years since my sister, Sam, and I decided to leave the place we grew up, Southern California, for new work ventures in Northern California. I know what you're thinking, "you're still in California", but if you have ever lived in both Southern and Northern California, you know how different the two are. They may as well be two different states.

Since moving here for new work ventures, we haven't really done much other than just that. Work. In 2018, we really want to make an effort to get out and explore everything The Bay Area has to offer.

We all know The Bay is no stranger to delectable delicacies. No foodie ever visits without stopping by an iconic restaurant, cafe, farmers market, etc. Sam and I never shy away from a good bite either. That is why we are starting a new series called, Sister's Who Sip. Sam and I will be bring you along as we visit hottest food and drink spots in and around San Francisco.

First up is Saint Frank Coffee! We went to the Polk Street located in Russian Hill, but there are two others around the Bay Area. I absolutely adored the minimalist design of this cute little coffee shop. As soon as we walked in, the barista instantly greeted us with a smile. He seemed eager to take our order. He immediately noticed my camera and we started having a friendly conversation about it. After asking for a drink recommendations, he quickly mentioned their latte. He said it would be great in taste, but also great for a photo. Of course, I couldn't pass that up. You can see by the photo below just how beautifully poured the drink was. I'd never had a picture perfect cup of coffee before, so naturally I was excited. 

I took one sip of my latte and I was blown away. It was just the right amount of espresso with the perfect amount of light foam on top. The steamed milk didn't taste burnt at all. I finished the whole cup and felt energized the rest of the day.

Whenever I am back in the area, I will definitely be stopping by Saint Frank Coffee again.